Are You Having Trouble Selling Your Client’s House? Here’s Why, and How to Go From “For Sale” to “SOLD.”

It’s no secret that clients want their home sold as quickly as possible. For this reason, it is important as their real estate agent to make sure that your marketing game is on. Buyers look to the internet these days when it comes to shopping for houses, so you should already (hopefully) be internet-savvy.

If you aren’t, now is the time to learn. Exposure is the key to selling a home, and since most potential buyers shop online, your listings better shine.

Put Your Best Foot Forward. Photos of the interior (and exterior) of the home are the most valuable part of the listing. While professional photos can be expensive, persuade your clients to spend the money. It is worth it, and you should let them know that. Pictures are what spark buyers’ interests. If the pictures are horrible, they aren’t going to be calling you to come see the house. Spend extra time organizing the photos as well. You want the best photos to be first, as you’ve only got about 3-4 photos before the buyer decides to keep looking at your listing, or move on. 

Incorporating a video in your listings cannot be stressed enough. Also put the video on YouTube. It is possible that your home doesn’t photograph well, but it videos well. Add a video to your listing. Be even more creative, and add music to it. It will make the presentation more enjoyable for the buyer than listening to silence.

Add a Little Extra To Your Listing Descriptions. During the home buying process consumers will search through the same listings over and over again in hopes that they will stumble across the perfect home. Don’t let your listings go stale! Switch up your photos from time to time, and highlight different features of the property; always note price reductions because even the smallest change could mean a world of a difference to someone who was/is interested in your home. Many online platforms have a box buyers can click when they want the site to notify them of a “price drop.” 

Always Respond Immediately. We live in a world of instant gratification. When a buyer sees something they like online, they want to ask questions immediately. You should always have your phone on you. If the buyer does not hear back from you within a few hours, they’ve likely already moved on to another home, with an agent who did answer their call right away. During the time you take to call them back, they could have already gone to view a house and fallen in love with it.

It is so important to return calls, emails and text messages as soon as possible, even if it’s just to say hi and to set up a future time to chat. Fulfilling an immediate need shows you are available and easily accessible to the home buyer.

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2 thoughts on “Are You Having Trouble Selling Your Client’s House? Here’s Why, and How to Go From “For Sale” to “SOLD.””

  1. The best way to revive a stale listing is to treat it as a new listing. It should have all new professional photographs, a new home video, a new description and a new price. It is also a good idea to consider staging the home. Then take the listing off for about 10-14 days and they can refresh it.

  2. I find it sad how many realtors don’t know how to use the Internet for selling homes. There’s no excuse for it. Even my grandmother (who is 93) texts and knows how to write a word document, and check her e-mail. So I find people who are in their 50s that claim they don’t know how to use a computer, very ignorant.


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